NATURE`S HEAD Composting Toilet

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Developed over 15 years ago in America by cruising sailors for yachts and tested worldwide: the NATURE`S HEAD separation toilet sets new standards in the installation, maintenance and operation of toilets on boats, in motor homes or Tiny Houses.

Neither water connections, board outlets nor separate holding tanks are required for your use. It impresses with its robust, trouble-free construction in combination with the simple installation and the almost maintenance-free operation.

The principle of operation: a simple mechanism separates solid and liquid components in the toilet. The urine is then discharged into an integrated canister (8-liter capacity), which remains leak-proof even in heavy seas and can be emptied outboard if necessary. The solids are mixed with coconut fibers in another container, these initiate the composting process and accelerate the drying of the substrate. A small, quiet 12V fan (60mA) provides air circulation and prevents condensation inside the toilet. The capacity is up to 80 toilet cycles, conventional toilet paper can be used.

The dried compost does not smell and can be disposed of easily in the next harbour, even on the home compost heap. Cleaning after use is done with a spray bottle of vinegar water. After emptying, the NATURE`S HEAD is fitted with a new coconut fiber brick and is immediately ready for use again. The bricks are vacuum packed and can be stored for a long time.

Delivery includes the required installation material.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 100% Ecological,
  • no waste water gets into the sea,
  • little installation effort,
  • no water or sewage connections necessary,
  • no clogged hoses, leaking shipboard culverts, valves or seals,
  • space-saving, as no separate wastewater tank is required,
  • robust and maintenance-free,
  • no pumping out of the holding tank in port,
  • easy operation.

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    Article-No. Description L x B x H (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4603-001 Composting Toilet 483 x 483 x 533 12,7 Trenntoilette NATURE`S HEAD mit spider handle
    Art.Nr.: 4603-001
    L x B x H (mm): 483 x 483 x 533
    weight (kg): 12,7
    description: Composting Toilet
    net: €915.97

    On request.

    net: €915.97

    On request.

    4603-106 Coco Coir 6 piece 205 x 165 x 210 4,2 Kokosfaserziegel 6 Stk für die NATURE`S HEAD Trenntoilette
    Art.Nr.: 4603-106
    description: Coco Coir 6 piece
    L x B x H (mm): 205 x 165 x 210
    weight (kg): 4,2
    net: €29.37

    On request.

    net: €29.37

    On request.

    4603-112 Coco Coir 12 piece 410 x 165 x 210 8,2 Kokosfaserziegel 12 Stk für NATURE`S HEAD Trenntoilette
    Art.Nr.: 4603-112
    description: Coco Coir 12 piece
    L x B x H (mm): 410 x 165 x 210
    weight (kg): 8,2
    net: €41.97

    On request.

    net: €41.97

    On request.

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