Triple sheave Tufnol yacht block with swivel

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The TUFNOL block has become a classic over the years.
Made from seawater-resistant laminated coarse fibers with stainless steel fittings.
These blocks are maintenance-free and known to be exceptionally long-lived. The Tufnol sheaves have brass bearings, through which wear and friction are kept very low.

The high breaking strengths have been tested by Germanisher Lloyd (GR). The safe working load (SWL) corresponds to 50% of the breaking load (BRL).

These blocks fit exceptionally well aboard classic yachts from the 1950s and 60s and are also ideal as universal blocks.

Warning: The given rope diameter (D1) is only good for very supple, braided rope. For stiff or laid rope, choose larger blocks or blocks from the heavier series (Art.-Nr. 1122-....).
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    Article-No. L (mm) D1 (mm) D (mm) BRL (daN) Sheaves Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1120-230 115 14-16 63 1910 3 TUFNOL-Yachtblock 16mm Tau/3-scheibig mit Wirbel
    Art.Nr.: 1120-230
    BRL (daN): 1910
    D (mm): 63
    D1 (mm): 14-16
    sheaves: 3
    L (mm): 115
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    net: €136.55

    In stock.