Heavy duty LIROS offroad shackle

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Heavy duty LIROS offroad shackles with a tube for protection from chafe.
Shipping with factory certificate (ENEN10204/2.2).

Employing a combination of modern DYNEEMA rope and old-fashioned rope work ("Fancywork"),
these rope shackles were created to save weight, and have thus already found many applications.
Under load they pull together reliably and cannot be accidentally opened. When closed under extreme loads, they remain easy to open.

In addition, the high flexibility of the rope shackles makes them applicable for inaccessible places.
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    Article-No. D (mm) BRL (daN) Net load (daN) Net lenght (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1328-107 10 7000 4000 220 Loopschäkel D=10mm LIROS-OFFROAD BRL=7t
    Art.Nr.: 1328-107
    D (mm): 10
    BRL (daN): 7000
    net load (daN): 4000
    net lenght (mm): 220
    net: €29.33

    In stock.

    net: €29.33

    In stock.

    1328_05 LIROS D-Loop
    from €14.90