AIS rescue transmitter easyRescue (fits SECUMAR life vests)

3921*01 AIS-Notsender easyRescue (z.B. für SECUMAR Rettungswesten)
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The AIS rescue transmitter A040-BW-COM by easyRescue can be integrated with its automatic release into the life vests of the type SECUMAR SCOUT und SURVIVAL and can also be ordered as accessory already installed with these vests.
After initialisation it transmits an AIS safety message, which will be received by all AIS units.

The easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM enables to display the current GPS position of a person or a life raft in distress on chart plotter or PC screens by means of AIS technologies.
After activation the easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM transmits an emergency AIS S.A.R.T message, which triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters/PC's within range, including the current GPS position of the victim. The emergency message will be repeated several times per minute. It enables all vessels within range to assist with the rescue, if they have an AIS receiver or an AIS transceiver.
Next to the manual and its "auto activation" by means of water contact this device has got a third activation mode: a magnetic switch with a ripcord.

The easyRescue has got full approvals of world's most important institutions, which are the BSH, FCC and the US Coast Guard.

AIS S.A.R. Transmitter,
96h transmission time after activation,
automatic activation by means of full water contact,
automatic activation by means of magnetic switch and ripcord,
highest approving level for AIS S.A.R.T. Of this size,
unique identification number of the unit,
transmission range up to 10 nm (Dependent on wave and receiver-antenna height),
BSH approval,
transmission power approx. 1 W,
integrated, fast GPS receiver,
waterproof, 10 m depth (IP68),
length 125 mm, width 68 mm, hight 30 mm,
weight approx. 210 g,

battery lifespan: 5 years (if not used, exept for self test).

Other AIS transmitters (such as KANNAD Safelink R10) can also be integrated with the SECUMAR rescue transmitter pocket in the SCOUT and SURVIVAL.
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    Article-No. L (mm) W (B) (mm) H (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3921-003 125 68 30 210 easyRESCUE AIS-Notsender/automatisch A040-BW-COM
    Art.Nr.: 3921-003
    L (mm): 125
    W (B) (mm): 68
    H (mm): 30
    weight (g): 210
    net: €484.03

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €484.03

    approx. 5 Workdays

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