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The RescueME MOB1 by Ocean Signal is a very small AIS MOB rescue transmitter.
In an emergency the RescueME MOB1 provides for two kinds of fast communication of your current position.Additionally the Man-Over-Board alarm is displayed visually:
The AIS signal provides a precise position on AIS enabled chart plotters/PC's withinrange. The "Man-Over-Board" position is displayed accordingly.
Simultaneously an alarm can be trigger via the VHF onboard your own boat, if the DSC MMSI of the "mother ship" was programmed into the PLB in advance (self programmingthrough a PC).
A LED light flashes with high intensity.

AIS (Automatic Identification system)
Integrated DSC transmitter (Digital Selective Call)
Simple operation on the automatic life jacket
Automatic activation when inflating the life jacket
7 years battery life
a minimum of 24 hours running time
integrated 66 channel GPS receiver

The RescueME MOB1 can be integrated into most automatic life jacket. It is also compatible with even very compact automatic life jackets. Please make sure beforehand.
With the release of the life jacket the RescueME MOB1 is activated automatically. The first alarm is transmitted after 15 seconds.With its integrated LED flash light the Man-Over-Board is easily seen at night.

Frequencies: 161,975/162,025 (AIS), 156,525 (DSC)
Battery running time: > 24 hours at -20°C
Operating temperature: -20°C - +55°C
Weight: 92g
Measurements: (H x W x D) 134mm x 38mm x 27mm
Standards and permits: RTCM SC11901, EN303 098-1.
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