Inflatable life jacket VITA

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Simple inflatable life jacket of the 100N class according to ISO 12402-4, with a manual release.
Especially qualified as emergency equipment on ships sailing inland, which are required to carry such life jackets, or as standby equipment on other ships. The floating body comes vacuumized in a robust transparent bag. Very small storage size.
Orange colour with reflective stripes and a signal whistle. 
Life time 10 years (if an annual self-check is carried out on board) . No external service required, if stored under appropriate conditions..

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    Article-No. For Buoyancy (N) Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3211-001 Erwachsene 120 Packmaß 300x230x50 600 Rettungsweste VITA Handauslösung ISO12402-4 120N
    Art.Nr.: 3211-001
    weight (g): 600
    for: Erwachsene
    buoyancy (N): 120
    dimensions (mm): Packmaß 300x230x50
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