SECUMAR ARKONA 220 Life vest

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Fully automatic inflatable life jacket with integrated harness. Compact, light and flat, comfortable to wear due to patent folded collar. Reliable entry-level model in relatively long cut, the recovery belt does not lie on the chest. The vest can be individually adjusted via the CLICK closure and side belt adjustment.

Why five working days delivery time?
We deliver a fresh life jacket. This is from the latest SECUMAR production and the first maintenance date is not due for at least two years.

The 3001S automatic is equipped with a readiness indicator and POSITORQUE safety, which secures the CO2 cartridge against accidental unscrewing.
The release lock can be used to deactivate the automatic release (e.g. when dinghy sailing).

ModelARKONA 220
Buoncy class150 N (ISO 12402)
Type of buoyancyinflatable
Inflation technologySECUMATIC 3001S
Real buoyancy220 N
CO2 cartridge43 g CO2 Dock
Buoyancy chamber systemCLASSIC buoyancy chamber bright orange
standard equipmentprotective cover, oral valve, whistle
Closurefront click buckle
Back partpadded back strap, Vertically adjustable back strap
Crotch strapyes
Recovery beltyes
Emergency lightoptional
Transmitter preparationno
Inspection windowno
Reflective stripesyes
Size / body weightover 50 kg
Type of clothinglight & heavy weather clothing
Spare set43 g C02
Article-No. 3286-944

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    Article-No. Model Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3286-785 ARKONA 220 Harness SECUMAR ARKONA 220 Harness Rettungsweste rot/weiß
    Art.Nr.: 3286-785
    model: ARKONA 220 Harness
    net: €155.38

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €155.38

    approx. 5 Workdays

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