SECUMAR SIERRA 300 Professional Life Vest

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The automatic life jacket SIERRA 300 with its high buoyancy of approx. 280 N is very well suited for universal use in industrial and commercial areas, offshore and in ocean shipping. The high-performance winglet float with its particularly high freeboard and lateral wings ensures optimised turning behaviour in a fainting-safe supine position.

Why five working days delivery time?
We deliver a fresh waistcoat. This comes from the latest SECUMAR production and the first maintenance appointment is not due for at least two years.

The ergonomically pre-shaped shoulder area and the compact design ensure optimum freedom of movement. The life jacket is particularly suitable for long periods of wear, as the neck remains completely free and unencumbered. The head and helmet can be moved without restriction, without the waistcoat hindering "seeing upwards". With the adjustable and padded chest strap, the life jacket can be individually adjusted to the user's body size and ensures comfortable wearing.

The practical click closure allows the vest to be folded over like a jacket and the fastener to be closed like a car seatbelt. This works without any problems even when wearing gloves.

For more active safety, the float also has a pocket to hold an easyRESCUE AIS marine beacon from WEATHERDOCK. In addition, the protective cover is equipped with reflective strips for better visibility.

On the front there are holders for speaker microphones and a practical storage pocket with zip.

ModelSIERRA 300
Buoyancy class275 N (ISO 12402-2)
Type of buoyancyinflatable
Inflation technologySECUMATIC 4001S
Real buoyancy280 N
CO2 cartridge60 g
Buoyancy chamber systemWINGLET bright orange
Standard equipmentPadded protective cover, mouth valve, signal flute, service zipper, zipper pocket, name tag pocket, reflective stripes, holder for microphone/radio, storage bag
Closureclick closure at the front
Back partadjustable back strap
Crotch strapno
Recovery beltyes
Emergency lightoptional
Transmitter preparationyes
Inspection windowyes
Reflective stripesyes
size / body weightfrom 50 kg
Type of clothingheavy weather clothing
Spare set60 g C02
Article-No. 3286-932

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    Article-No. Model Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3286-119 SIERRA 300 SECUMAR SIERRA 300 blau 275N-Klasse
    Art.Nr.: 3286-119
    model: SIERRA 300
    net: €379.83

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €379.83

    approx. 5 Workdays

    3286-223 SIERRA 300 NEON SECUMAR SIERRA 300 neon 275N-Klasse
    Art.Nr.: 3286-223
    model: SIERRA 300 NEON
    net: €395.00

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €395.00

    approx. 5 Workdays