GLORIA 2 kg dry fire extinguisher

3415*01 Pulver-Feuerlöscher GLORIA 2 kg
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Compact 2 kg powder fire extinguisher with high extinguishing capacity for all areas where fast and trouble-free use is required: in pantry, machine room, workshop, car, etc..

The extinguisher has a pressure gauge for pressure indication. The powder jet can be stopped during extinguishing.

The large handle opening allows easy one-hand operation.

The extinguisher is refillable after use.

Suitable for fire classes A, B and C.

Delivery includes holder.

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    Article-No. Description Model D (mm) L (mm) Version Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3415-000 2 kg dry fire extinguisher F2GM GLORIA 110 322 duration approx. 10 sec GLORIA 2kg-Pulverlöscher mit Manometer F2GM
    Art.Nr.: 3415-000
    version: duration approx. 10 sec
    description: 2 kg dry fire extinguisher
    model: F2GM GLORIA
    D (mm): 110
    L (mm): 322
    net: €41.93

    In stock.

    net: €41.93

    In stock.