Elastic life life line double KONG

3287*06 Elastischer Sicherungsgurt doppelt KONG
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Very strong safety double line for the work on deck, conforms DIN EN ISO 12401 (formerly 1095).
Made from strong yellow webbing, 30 mm wide, with elastic inlay.
The inlay shortens the harness to approx. 50 % when in its passive state.

With overload indicator to show when the line has been forced beyond its workload and has to be replaced for safety reasons.
With one stainless steel snap shackle with opening strap (to be fixed on the harness or the life vest) and two special KONG TANGO safety carbine hooks (made from high strength aluminium) with a large opening and single handed safety lock.

short leg: 70-100 cm, long leg 110-200 cm.
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    3287-103 Safety line KONG double 22,00 Elastischer Sicherungsgurt KONG doppelt #283.SET.E
    Art.Nr.: 3287-103
    BRL (kN): 22,00
    description: Safety line KONG double
    net: €71.01

    In stock.

    net: €71.01

    In stock.

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