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Antennas, Sockets & Accessories

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4226_01 PL-plug and connector for KOAX-cable
PL-plugs and accessories for VHF-antennas.
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Art.-Nr.: 4226...
4227*01 Schalter für Stromversorung UKW-Gerät Switch for vhf-gear
Accessories for VHF.
Art.-Nr.: 4227...
4227_02 Active antenna diplexer VHF / AIS/ AM-FM
These small diplexers allow the simultaneous use of a VHF radio, a FM/AM radio and an AIS device, using only a single antenna. Output max. 30W/channel, for frequencies 156-162 Mhz, 163 Mhz (AIS), 0,5-108 Mhz. Available are two versions:...
from €69.90
Art.-Nr.: 4227...
3940*18 Adapter für CX-Antenne auf Rohr D=26mm Adapter for CX antenna to tube D=26mm
Stainless steel adapter to fit a CX antenna to a standard tube with outer diam. 26mm. One side with 1" BSP outer thread for the union nut f the antenna, opposite side to a tube with outer diameter 26mm. Hex socket screws to fix the...
Art.-Nr.: 3940...
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