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High end life vests for pleasure boats and professional marine use.

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3270_01 Life buoy SECU 17
A classic of yachting: Personal flotation device for righting the unconscious. Protection class 150N, made of closed-cell foam, resistant to oil, seawater, and the effects of the weather. Becasuse of its dead weight, it is an accurate...
Art.-Nr.: 3270...
3270_02 Life buoy mounting
Equipment for SECUMAR 17.
Art.-Nr.: 3270...
3270_03 MOB bag for life buoy SECUMAR 17
A white bag made from heavy coated cloth, containing the most important rescue aids for MOB (man overboard) situations. With attachment loops for fixing on the guard rail. The bag contains: - SECU 17 This floating collar is a real...
Art.-Nr.: 3270...
3280_01 Life jacket SECUMAR BRAVO
Our inexpensive solid 100N-class lifejacket. Recommended for inland waterways and protected areas. Trademarked lifejacket from the manufacturer SECUMAR . Available in various sizes for people from small children up to adults with 120 kg...
from €30.50
Art.-Nr.: 3280...
3286_01 Racing life jacket SECUMAR ECHO
Comfortable all-around buoyancy aid. Buoyancy class: 50N. The body is made of layered closed-cell soft plastic foam. The vest is closed with a strong zipper at the front and a webbing belt with plastic clasp. Colour: dark blue / red. DIN...
from €29.60
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_02 Life jacket for children SECUMAR BRAVO PRINT
BRAVO PRINT is the top model of solid lifejackets for small kids. The soft foam filling is exceptionally cuddly and wearable. Child-friendly dolphin pattern in orange and red. The crotch strap is a comfortable "diaper" type. Stomach belt...
from €39.50
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_09 Crotch strap SECUMAR
SECUMAR Crutch strap 2K: Single strap, can be retro-fitted to all lifejackets from 2003 with crutch strap loops. It has two stainless steel links, separated by SECUMAR Click 30 fastener. Using a retro-fitted crutch strap has further...
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_10 Life jacket for children SECUMAR MINI
SECUMAR DUO PROTECT (HARNESS) . Automatic lifejacket of the 150 N class with an integrated harness. Equipped with the double-wall system DUO PROTECT, window for functional control and comfortable fleece collar. Safe for kids from infancy...
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_12 Children life line SCUMAR JUNIOR
Safety line for children. For use with life vests and harnesses. Made from webbing with strap and one-sided stainless steel WICHARD carabiner. The waist belt of the life vest is threaded into the webbing tab. For weights up to 50 kg....
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_13 Mast top float SECUMAR
40 litre float that can be hoisted or attached to the top of the mast. If the flaot comes in contact with the water during a capsize, a CO2 canister automatically inflates and prevents the boat from finishing bottom-up. Large safety...
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_16 Safety harness SECUMAR SURVIVAL BOLERO
This harness has the straps integrated in a light mesh and red Cordura vest. Thus this piece of safety gear is both comfortable to wear and quick to put on. This life belt (life line and harness) is almost like a survival harness life...
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
3286_18 Racing life jacket SECUMAR JUMP
Lifejacket with a sporty design and "trendy" color combination of black and anthracite. Modern PFD in the 50N buoyancy class. Side closures allow the lifejacket to fit securely and not limit mobility during boating activity. With a...
from €38.50
Art.-Nr.: 3286...
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2257_02 Bronze washers
from €0.23
1606_01 Stainless steel wire rope 7x7
Content 125 m (€0.01 * / 1 m)
from €0.64
2248_01 Lacing Button
from €0.34
1024_01 Shock cord
from €0.80
2719_01 WKT marine silicone type H for horizontal use
Content 0.31 Liter (€86.77 * / 1 Liter)
from €26.90
4298_02 Pipe clip nylon
from €0.45
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.30
4812_01 Fastener
2050_01 EPIFANES clear varnish
Content 0.25 Liter (€54.00 * / 1 Liter)
from €13.50
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€13.20 * / 1 m)
from €6.60
4025_01 Elbow catch
from €3.95
1065_01 Safety line
from €0.27
4405_01 Butt hinge
from €2.00
4132_01 Lamp wicks
from €4.90
4805_01 Brass cup hook
from €2.70
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €8.95
4419_01 Brass butt hinge
from €13.50
2737_01 Adhesive cloth
from €2.15
2200_01 Corund
from €0.80
2711_01 SIKAFLEX 291 adhesive sealant
Content 0.07 Liter (€121.43 * / 1 Liter)
from €8.50
2602_01 Brush
from €1.40
2621_02 COELAN Boat Coating transparent gloss finish
Content 0.38 Liter (€76.05 * / 1 Liter)
from €28.90
4423_01 Butt hinge
from €30.50
1261_02 Chafe guard
from €3.68
2059_03 EPIFANES thinner
Content 0.5 Liter (€23.80 * / 1 Liter)
from €11.90
2294_01 Copper boatnails / rivets
Content 1 kg
2720_01 WEST SYSTEM set with resin and hardener
Content 1.2 kg (€49.08 * / 1 kg)
from €58.90
1530_01 'D' shackle
from €1.80
2296_01 Copper roves
Content 0.5 kg (€89.00 * / 1 kg)