CQR plough anchor forged steel, hot dip galvanized

CQR plough anchor forged steel, hot dip galvanized
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The original CQR anchor from Scotland.
Shaft and ploughshare are die-forged steel, hot-dip galvanized.
Cast peak, the blades and transverse stiffener are welded (from 105 lbs up the whole anchor construction is welded).
According to LLoyd's, this anchor is known for its exceptionally high holding power (HHP).

Universal anchor for various grounds, fits well in bow rollers.
With welded shackles.
Only the original CQR anchor is marked with patent number 1316946.
One of the best anchors in the world: Guaranteed for life against breakage!

Allow 6 weeks for delivery of larger anchors.
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    Article-No. Nominal weight (lbs) Weight (kg) A (mm) W (B) (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1833-020 20 9,00 270,00 44 390 800 310 530 CQR-Pflugscharanker 9kg/20lbs
    Art.Nr.: 1833-020
    W (B) (mm): 44
    D (mm): 800
    weight (kg): 9,00
    C (mm): 390
    A (mm): 270,00
    nominal weight (lbs): 20
    F (mm): 530
    E (mm): 310
    netto: €0.00

    On request.

    netto: €0.00

    On request.