Cable Outlets

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4221_01 Cable outlet
Brass cord through-hull, with rubber O-ring sealant. Available for various cord diameters. Polished or chromed brass finish.
from €6.95
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4221_02 Cable outlet
Watertight cord through-hull of stainless steel and chromed brass. The deck through-hull allows the plug to go through along with the cable, so that a seperation in the deck area is not necessary. Good solution for antenna and radar...
from €29.95
Art.-Nr.: 4221...
4221_03 Cable outlet
Watertight, wear resistant cord deck through-hull made of high-gloss stainless steel for cords of 6-12 mm. With two crimper connections. Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 34 mm. Weight 300 g.
Art.-Nr.: 4221...
4222_01 SURE-THRU waterproof through deck
Innovative Swedish through-deck fitting. Usable, for example, for wire harnesses in the mast/deck region: The sensitive cable connections are made below deck where it is dry. The cables are sealed in a polyamide socket with a sealant (...
from €59.90
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4228_01 Goose neck
Stainless-steel bent pipe for running cable. Welded-on footplate with 3 holes.
from €34.90
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4228_02 Cable outlet QUICK
Cable outlet made from plastic, resistant against corrosion, moisture and sea water. Utilising an O ring gasket seal this cable feed through functions as strain relief and at the same time as seal.
from €15.80
Art.-Nr.: 4228...
6242_01 Bronze goose neck
Strong, thick walled, very robust gooseneck. May be used as cable fairlead or as ventilation. Made from cast sturdy bronze, tumbled with matte finish.
Art.-Nr.: 6242...