Morse push-button HNA

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A system for electrical installation, proven over decades in shipbuilding and shipping.
HNA stands for "Handelsschiff-Normen-Ausschuss" - a traditional norms arrangement that is continued today in DIN.
All pieces are made from heavy brass and equipped with watertight cord entry, type W14 for unshielded cable.
(If desired, the system can be delivered with type Z entries, for shielded cable.)

The units correspond to the rules of the classification societies, and many are certified by Germanisher Lloyd.
Through its "inner workings," high-quality and long-lived ceramic rotary switches (with switch action) or other ceramic electrical components can be used.
Protection class of the units: IP56.

In addition to the ones listed here, other elements and spare parts are also available.
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    Article-No. Version Base size (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4224-310 1 cable entry right 68x109 1,18 HNA-Morse-Taster 68x109mm/1 Kabeleinführung(unten)
    Art.Nr.: 4224-310
    version: 1 cable entry right
    weight (kg): 1,18
    base size (mm): 68x109
    netto: €192.44

    In stock.

    netto: €192.44

    In stock.

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