Battery monitor BMV-700 VICTRON

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This battery-"tank gauge" surveys the charging condition of one battery bank and calculates the remaining capacity (taking in account the battery condition and temperature).

Displayed are:
- battery voltage,
- charging current,
- consumed Amp hrs,
- remaining battery capacity,
- current consumption,
- charge status,
- programmable visual and audible alarms,
- programmable relays to start a generator in case of a voltage drop, for instance

Easy installation: only the 500 A shunt is to be installed in the battery cable (as close to the battery as possible) and to be connected to the display with the included RJ12 cable (length 10m).
The unit is programmed using the quick installation menu.

BMV-700: monitor for one battery. Simple calibration with the quick installation menu.
BMV-702: like BMV-700, but with the possibility to survey a second battery.
BMV-712: SMART version. An integrated Bluetooth module enables the programming, the readout and the interconnectedness as well as the definition of alarms by smartphone or tablet with the VICTR ON Bluetooth App. It has the same functions as BMV-702.

The display comes complete with 500A shunt and RJ22 cable (length 10m).

High current measurement resolution: 10 mA.
Low current consumption: 2,9Ah per month at 12 V (with constant use).
Wide input voltage range: 9,5 - 95 V.
Mounting either directly (D: 63mm) or using the supplied cover (69 x 69mm).
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    Article-No. Model Description Ø (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4397-076 BMV-700 for 1 battery 63 Batterie-Monitor BMV-700 mit 500A-Shunt+ConnectKit
    Art.Nr.: 4397-076
    description: for 1 battery
    model: BMV-700
    Ø (mm): 63
    netto: €131.93

    In stock.

    netto: €131.93

    In stock.

    4397-077 BMV-702 for 2 batteries 63 Batterie-Monitor BMV-702 mit 500A-Shunt+ConnectKit
    Art.Nr.: 4397-077
    Ø (mm): 63
    description: for 2 batteries
    model: BMV-702
    netto: €163.86

    approx. 5 Workdays

    netto: €163.86

    approx. 5 Workdays

    4397-877 BMV-712 SMART-version 63 Batterie-Monitor BMV-712 SMART mit 500A-Shunt+ConnectKit
    Art.Nr.: 4397-877
    description: SMART-version
    model: BMV-712
    Ø (mm): 63
    netto: €189.08

    approx. 5 Workdays

    netto: €189.08

    approx. 5 Workdays

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