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1037_01 Rigging leather/oar leather
Weatherproof tanned leather. Thicknesses of 2.5 - 3.0 mm. We deliver the leather for different purposes: As rigging leather for rigging work and as abrasion protection. Or as oar leather , to protect the wood of oars where they sit in...
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1037_02 Brass oar nose
Made of cast brass, polished. Prevents belt slippage.
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1037_03 Stainless steel chain for oarlocks
Stainless steel chain to secure oarlocks. Hangs from a hole in the oarlock and secures it against loss. Length 130 mm.
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1038_01 Black oar collar
Oar protection, made from black plastic. This sleeve must be soaked in hot water to make it malleable before it can be mounted.
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1042_02 Galvanized rowlock socket
Flat hot dip galvanized cast iron oarlock plate. Goes with DAVEY's galvanized oarlocks. For more secure use and with longer oarlocks, two plates should be mounted (on top of and under the gunwale).
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1042_03 Classic bronze rowlock and socket
Classic hand-polished bronze oarlock. Solid symmetric form, with a long shaft. Comes complete with bronze socket for installation. Spare- and side mount sockets can be ordered separately.
Art.-Nr.: 1042...
1047_01 Brass captive rowlocks polished or chromed
Functional folding, captive oarlock. Made of cast brass, polished or chromed finish.
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2225_01 Copper pins
Chopped nails of pure copper. For nailing leather or plates of chafe protection on masts, spars, oars or cabintops. Comes in packages of 100 g or in packages of 1 kg.
Content 0.1 kg (€63.30 * / 1 kg)
from €6.33
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2408_01 Leather greace GOLD QUALITY
Traditional leather grease from Denmark, made of natural wax and oil, to conserve and protecte leather. Colour: amber.
Art.-Nr.: 2408...
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