Manila-brown fender rope (PP)

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Rope fender, built from exceptionally UV-resistant and long lasting Manila-brown polypropylene (PP) rope, cored with a 6mm stainless steel wire.
The rope does not absorb water and is absolutely rot-proof. It is therefore exceptionally easy to clean.
The rope is built on a traditional 6-strand ropeway. That means it has an exceptionally round and even outer structure.

The rope is available by the meter or as a finished rub rail with double-ended pressed stainless steel thimbles and finished ends.
Standard delivery is without tapered ends (different form the picture).
For finished rub rails, please send an extra request.

To check the exact measurement, please contact our rigger.
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    Article-No. Description D (mm) Article Price (Running Meter) Delivery Quantity
    1049-260 fender rope KABELARING 60 Fendertauwerk KABELARING D=60mm 6-schftg/hanffarbg
    Art.Nr.: 1049-260
    D (mm): 60
    description: fender rope KABELARING
    netto: €30.25

    In stock.

    netto: €30.25

    In stock.

    1049-280 fender rope KABELARING 80 Fendertauwerk KABELARING D=80mm 6-schftg/hanffarbg
    Art.Nr.: 1049-280
    D (mm): 80
    description: fender rope KABELARING
    netto: €40.34

    In stock.

    netto: €40.34

    In stock.

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