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Very lavish and affectionately made ship's log that we we
found at a small Dutch press (In German!).
Format conforms to DIN A4. Water resistant, with classic - motif minted
blue plastic-leather band, strong paper and bookmark ribbon.
For the daily inscriptions (at least 41 days worth) are available:
Continuous page numbering
Two-pagesfor the (required by safety at sea ordinances) nautical voyage
entries and weather observations.
Two pages for other entries, notes and observations, all with small
maritime graphics and a gentile aphorism. There is also room to glue in
photos and souvenirs.
So it can be used as a journal or a beautiful memory book, which will always
be a joy to look at.

In addition 24 pages are set aside for a series of motor and maintenance entries.

192 pages, numerous graphics, format 30 x 21 cm, embossed blue plastic-leather
band with silver minted writing, very strong paper cover, bookmark band.
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    netto: €17.16

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