Red & green berth plate Zoom

Red & green berth plate

A nifty idea from Denmark: the patented red & green berth shield to indicate to visitors if and for how long the berth is free.
The plate can be turned over even only with the boat hook. A time-limit can be written on the white plate DATO CLIP with a felt tip pen.
Available with an angled bracket or flat fitting.

Graduated Prices

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Article-No. model outer dimensions mmplate mm net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3375-001 angulate200 x 55 x 40 x 3145 x 110 35.25  41.95 
3375-003 flat220 x 40 x 3145 x 110 33.57  39.95 
3375-005 DATO CLIP------ 8.36  9.95 
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