E. S. Sörensen

Storm glass SÖRENSEN with wall fitting

An ideal gift and a fine meteorological instrument: The DARWIN storm glass from the danish manufacturer SÖRENSEN.

The use of this type of barometer has been known in the maritimeindustry since ca. 1750.
Charles Darwin, who sailed under Captain Fitzroy on the HMS Beagle from 1831 to 1836, was the most famous user of this pleasant weather-predicting device.
Approximately 120 years later the danish designer Stig Larsen discovered a similar weather glass on the Hebrides.
From it, he developed this aesthetic exceptionally successful meteorological instrument for predicting heavy weather and storms.

For optimal use, keep the storm glass in a cool room, on board or in your home.
Through crystal building in the specialized liquid-filled glass cylinder, the instrument can predict an approaching storm for the next 24-48 hours.

A multilanguage instruction manual with clear sketches and theirpredictive interpretations is included.
This instrument stands out as an exclusive and useful gift!

Heavy metal body with glass cylinder, available in variousdesigns:
* Polished brass body,
* Stainless steel body with high-gloss polished finish or
* Stainless steel body with matte finish.

Dimensions: (H x D) = 145 x 42 mm, weight 450 g.

Comes complete with wall bracket.

Article-No. version net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
5508-011 polished brass 96.22  114.50 
5508-511 polished stainless steel 96.22  114.50 
5508-513 matte stainless steel 96.22  114.50 
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