Dolphin hawser MOORING

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An essential tool when mooring on pilings in tidal waters.
Our dolphin hawser MOORING prevents that the boat "gets caught" on the mooring posts.
Attached to a mooring line, the dolphin hawsers are belayed over the pile mooring, where 20 round floats help to ensure, that the hawser can move up and down unobstructed with the tide.
The cordage is SPUNFLEX 14 mm, on both ends with a spliced in eye, with robust floats made from PE plastic.
The cordage is manila brown with a breaking load of 2790 daN and a length of approx. 1,30 m.
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    Article-No. Cordage Ø (mm) Length BRL (daN) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1693-000 14 1,30 m 2790 Dalben-Festmacher MOORING 1,30m D=14mm
    Art.Nr.: 1693-000
    BRL (daN): 2790
    cordage Ø (mm): 14
    length: 1,30 m
    net: €49.58

    In stock.

    net: €49.58

    In stock.

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