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With his FYRSKIB lights Peter Seidelin Jessen has set himself the task of developing a candle light (called a "living light" by the Danish), in which the flame burns smoke-free and doesn't flicker. This design solves the problem of developing the precise regulation of oxygen supply and at the same time removing the hot air elegantly. The result is a timeless Danish design with classic maritime character.

The tealight lamp FYRSKIB is made from polished stainless steel.
The wall bracket is not included and must be ordered separately.
Weight: 600 g.

Lights by DELITE Denmark
DELITE Denmarkwas founded in 1996 by Peter Seidelin Jessen, a longtime employee of the company E.S.SÖRENSEN Lights, with the goal of producing attractive and functional lights. He tries to have the required parts, to the extent that it's possible, built in Denmark or in nearby countries. He uses only high-quality materials; the finishes of the lights are either hand polished or given a satin finish. In the search for archetypes and new ideas, Peter Seidelin Jessen can fall back onto the rich Danish tradition in the areas of lights and design and knows how to use them impressively, as many of his successful lights prove.
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    Article-No. Version Surface Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4193-000 FYRSKIB POLISHED STEEL polished stainless steel A2-FYRSKIB EDELSTAHL-poliert Teelichtleuchte DELITE
    Art.Nr.: 4193-000
    surface: polished stainless steel
    netto: €70.59

    On request.

    netto: €70.59

    On request.

    4193-106 replacement glass clear -- Ersatzglas klar für FYRSKIP Teelichtlampe DELITE
    Art.Nr.: 4193-106
    version: replacement glass clear
    surface: --
    netto: €23.95

    In stock.

    netto: €23.95

    In stock.

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