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Navigation lights 4 made from copper

Originally developed for onboard use, these navigation lights are still used on traditional ships, when classic optics are needed.
Also intended for use as atmospheric lighting at home.
However, DHR lamps have no official approval and are not intended as navigation lights on ships!

These lamps are made from corrosion-free copper sheeting.

Available in paraffin or electric designs, these small, polished copper-plate lamps with 4-inch fresnel glass lenses
are available in the following designs:

Paraffin anchor light: burner with 125 ml brass tank for approx. 40 hours of burning and 5'''- Perkeo cylinder.
Electric anchor light:E14 socket, cord entry from the top, frosted-glass, without cylinder.
Paraffin side and masthead lights: with 50 ml tank for approx. 15 hours of burning time.
Electric side and masthead lights: with cord, switch, plug, und socket on the floor, without cylinder.

Paraffin lamps are a sensible alternative or addition to electric lighting.
They give off a warm, cozy and, at similar sizes, equally bright light.
The burner size on paraffin lamps is traditionally given in candlepower (shortened to ''').
Please click on "Further Information" to get a feel for the light strength of paraffin lamps.

Article-No. description model version H mmD mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3025-005 anchor lightparafincopper, 5-linig2401101.4 146.22  174.00 
3028-005 masthead lightparafincopper, 5-linig2401201.2 146.22  174.00 
3026-005 side light port sideparafincopper, 5-linig2401201 146.22  174.00 
3026-105 side light starbord sideparafincopper, 5-linig2401201 146.22  174.00 
3029-005 stern lightparafincopper, 5-linig2401201 146.22  174.00 
3025-505 anchor lightelectriccopper, E142401101.4 146.22  174.00 
3028-505 masthead lightelectriccopper, E142401201.2 146.22  174.00 
3026-505 side light port sideelectriccopper, E142401201 146.22  174.00 
3026-605 side light starbord sideelectriccopper, E142401201 146.22  174.00 
3029-505 stern lightelectriccopper, E142401201 146.22  174.00 
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