A paraffin lamp of the new generation of DELITE. It is a further development of the PETROLUX. This very slim and elegant Scandinavian wall light is made entirely of brushed stainless steel.
The brass nickel plated round burner matches harmoniously.

Well-thought-out and refined details are worked into the light:
The light is hung in a gimbaled bracket with the help of a strong magnet, the matte cylinder of heat-resistant borosilicate glass is attached securely to the light with an O-ring.
It is easy to fill, well-adjusted, and gives an attractive, calmly burning light.

The light has a 10''' burner.
Tank contents: 0.14 l for approx. 8 hours of burning time.
Weight: 1000 g.

Article-No. description version net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
4193-012 stainless steel light CABINLITE matt 234.45  279.00 
4193-112 spare glass cylinder matt 22.69  27.00 
4193-113 spare glass cylinderclear 22.69  27.00 
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