Carbon monoxide alert KIDDE

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Carbon monoxide alert by KIDDE (the world renowned maker of smoke and CO detectors for private use) with a operating time of 10 years.
The most modern, EN certified sensors, an integrated 10 year power supply and 10 year warranty provide for the highest safety when a carbon monoxide alert happens.
CO can penetrate the indoor air when using heaters burning wood, coal, oil or gas and insufficient maintenance, inappropriate installation or a blocked chimney. You can not see, smell or taste the potentially lethal gas!

The alarm will sound in a timed connection to the concentration of CO in the indoor air with a loud signal. Certified in accordance with EN 50291: 2010.
Additional security is provided by the digital display, which displays a concentration of CO in the indoor air higher than 30ppm. A peak-value memory insures, that a CO escape will be reliably displayed even after a long absence.
With integrated 10 year lifetime Lithium battery.
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    Article-No. Model L (mm) W (B) (mm) H (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4732-001 CO alarm KIDDE X10-D.2 115 70 40 Kohlenmonoxid-Alarm KIDDE X10-D m.Lithiumbatterie
    Art.Nr.: 4732-001
    W (B) (mm): 70
    H (mm): 40
    L (mm): 115
    model: CO alarm KIDDE X10-D.2
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    netto: €41.97

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