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Maritime Booster


The MARITIME BOOSTER thanks to its very small dimensions is one of or the smallest central heaters in its range. Compact means everything is built in, for instance the circulating pump, hot water heat exchanger, valves, pressure and temperature meters etc.
To install it is therfore easy. The steel housing encloses the insulation perfectly. It is treated carefully and heated to 200°C to get the best epoxy-, polyester paint to protect the boiler in a more aggressive maritime environment.
A steel body is for rapid heating. The boiler uses 'retarders' from special steel.
The panel is sober and solid and the front door can be opened on the left or right for simple cleaning.
Electrical components 230V execution is standardised and low cost in comparison with 24 Volt.
MARITIME BOOSTERS are available for heating only (SOLO) or with an integrated hot water heating (COMBI).
The COMBI control with plate exchanger for hot water heating up to 50° to make practical use of engine heat for heating or hot water.
The hot water heat exchanger of only 0,2 litre gives within 2,4 seconds continuous hot sanitary water.

The practical use of available space is of the utmost importance in yachts, every centimeter counts when it comes to the structuralisation of space. The MARITIME BOOSTER is available for several lengths of yachts and vessels and can provide them all with heat and hot water.
The technology of the MARITIME BOOSTER is based on 50 years experience in oil fired central heating boilers and have proven their silence, functionality and reliability over the years. The MARITIME BOOSTER is built with standard components that are available worldwide and require no sensitive electronics for the control.

Article-No. model power WD mmH mmW (B) mmT mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
4308-010 MICRO SOLO9,5 kW max. 6037525571047 2512.61  2990.00 
4308-017 MINI SOLO17,0 kWmax. 6037540571050 2789.92  3320.00 
4308-026 MB1 SOLO25,7 kW max. 8044530571063 2941.18  3500.00 
4308-110 MICRO COMBI9,5 kW max. 8044545571070 3546.22  4220.00 
4308-117 MINI COMBI17,0 kW max. 10044540576074 3848.74  4580.00 
4308-126 MB1 COMBI25,7 kW max. 10044555576082 3991.60  4750.00 
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