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Spare burner pot REFLEKS

It is possible, that a replacement becomes necessary after years of usage, since the burner chambers in all REFLEKS oil heater are made from steel plate.
The chambers are shipped complete with welded infeed tube, with a stainless steel ring to direct the flame and in case of the small burners 66M, 71M and 62M also with the heater coil (catalyst) made from innox.
With the larger burners the heater coil has to be ordered separately.

Additional spare parts for the REFLEKS oil heaters not mentioned here, like burner base, new burner or heating coil are available on request.

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Article-No. for included D mmD1 mmH mm net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
4264-066 66 Mburner coil122122120 165.55  197.00 
4264-071 71 Mburner coil122122120 203.36  242.00 
4264-062 62 Mburner coil155190160 234.45  279.00 
4264-020 2000---177190170 258.82  308.00 
4264-060 60 M---192235200 194.12  231.00 
4264-061 61 MS---192250200 211.76  252.00 
4264-067 67 MS---200300200 264.71  315.00 
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