Paraffin cooker with grill TAYLOR'S 029

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Solid stove with proven paraffin burners for alcohol preheating.
Housing of rust-free steel, stove plate and removable burner cover enameled, fiddle and fittings of brass.

Comes standard with separately installed 7 l pressure tank, including pressure tank, half gimbaled
lockable brass hanging bracket and pot holders.

Comes complete with all installation materials and detailed installation and use instructions.

The TAYLOR 029 stove can come with a grill with top heat, in which the heat is emitted
downward from the cast-iron stove plate.

Tank dimensions: 180 x 340 x 290 mm (D x L x H). Weight ot the tank: 2 kg.

Weight of the Stove: 14 kg.
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    4322-029 TAYLOR'S 029 Petroleumherd 029 mit Grill TAYLOR'S
    Art.Nr.: 4322-029
    model: TAYLOR'S 029
    net: €2,184.03

    In stock.

    net: €2,184.03

    In stock.

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