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Classic bilge pump FAABORG

A real classic from the Danish iron foundry Faaborg, which has been manufacturing equipment and fixtures for fishing smacks and wooden boats since 1855.
Robust, traditional self-priming piston pump made from hot-dip galvanized cast steel.
An extremely reliable pump, which is capable to handle larger impurities.
Because of the direct outlet on deck, no through hull is required. Long lever for effective operation.
The output is 1,8 l per stroke.

A typical representative as used in the traditional commercial shipping, especially in the fishery.
The rubber sleeve of the steel piston it oil-proof.
The lever mechanism can be attached in three different positions to the outlet.
To the threaded connection in the bottom you may connect a suction tube (which must be custom made) or an optional pipe-to-hose fitting.

Classic bilge pump FAABORG Zoom
Article-No. model thread size inchtube diam. mmD mmH mmL mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
1806-838 FAABORG N°8381 1/23823032088519 1424.37  1695.00 
1806-840 FAABORG N°8402 1/26531043098522 1764.71  2100.00 
1806-800 sucker rod------------900--- 83.19  99.00 
1806-938 piston seal for FAABORG N°838------155--------- 108.40  129.00 
1806-939 valve seal for FAABORG N°838------------------ 32.77  39.00 
1806-940 piston seal for FAABORG N°840------210--------- 108.40  129.00 
1806-941 valve seal for FAABORG N°840------------------ 32.77  39.00 
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