Container watertight

Transportation case for many uses, watertight, airtight, intended for consumables.
Very stable barrel made from HDPE (Polyethylene).
White with red cover.

The grippy top with rubber seal allows easy opening and closing of the container,
with eyelets for attachment lanyards or sealing.

The large barrels can be used as stools. From size 42 litre up, comes with a strong carrying handle.
The containers can be stacked stably, because the bases and the caps fit each other perfectly.
Some sizes can be nested (see dimensions). UN markings.

For many onboard storage uses, for cruising, kayak and canoe travel, roof racks and many other uses outdoors.

Article-No. contents lD mmD1 mmH mm net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3012-003 3,6198136171 17.56  20.90 
3012-006 6,4198136263 20.08  23.90 
3012-010 10,4274203238 33.53  39.90 
3012-015 15,4274203327 35.29  42.00 
3012-026 26,0316203425 43.61  51.90 
3012-042 42410282418 58.74  69.90 
3012-068 68410282634 67.14  79.90 
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