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Rescue net

This rescue ladder can be hung overboard from the railing in an
emergency (man overboard), in order to retrieve a person safely from the water.
This safety net of black polypropylene rope serves as a climbing aid for able
people or as a rescue net for aware or unconscious people.

Conforms to the "Safety Guidelines for Traditional Ships. Pursuant to
Paragraph 6 of the Ship Safety Guidelines of the German Ministry for transportation,
building and urban development, the appropriate rescue measures are prescribed
for regulated traditional ships that do not carry rescue boats.
This rescue net is
essential for all boats with high topsides.

Through its diagonal knotting, the
net is particularly well suited for climbing on deck.

TOPLICHT - special finish! The bottom of the net is weighted with a thick-walled
robust rubber fender tube (weight approx. 9 kg) that pulls it underwater and allows safe

Dimensions: 3 x 3 m, Mesh width, approx. 25 x 25 cm.
Knotted from polypropylene rope,
D = 12 mm, with a boltrope all around and straps (4 m long) on every corner, D = 20 mm.
Weight, approx. 20 kg.
An inspection report from traditional ship experts can be downloaded under "further information".
Also available as simple heavy net without weight on the bottom.

Article-No. description base size mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
1315-003 safety net with tube3000x300020 494.96  589.00 
1315-001 safety net3000x300011 166.39  198.00 
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