Water rescue lift JASON'S CRADLE

Jasons's Cradle is a very stable rescue system, that makes it possible to haul injured or unconscious people onboard from the sea without too much effort.
It consists of numerous rectangular plastic elements, which together make one lattice element.
This is attached to the ship's side with high tensile carbines and is dropped to the water like a jakobs ladder. The person in the water is able to hold onto the elements and can easily clamber aloft by him or herself.
Alternatively it is possible to lift Jasons's Cradle by its strong salvage ropes of 14 mm diameter using a halyard: it forms a tube in which a helpless person can be safely transported onto the deck.

Jasons's Cradle is made from high grade plastics and V4A stainless steel and can be rolled up tight for storage.

Additional sizes are available: each personal rescue system is manufactured to the individual customer requirements. The single elements can be combined after more than 3 elements.
If you have individual production demands, please call us.

Article-No. length mwidth mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3054-416 2.2071018.30 1678.99  1998.00 
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