Water rescue lift for RIBs JASON'S CRADLE

MOB life-saving equipment especially for inflatable boats (RIB).
The Jasons's Cradle is a very stabile life-saving tool which enables you to lift a person, injured or unconscious, with little effort from the water into the boat.

The Jasons's Cradle consists of numerous rectangular plastic elements, which together form a mesh element. This is mounted with high strength carbine hooks on the inflatable and released to the water like a rope ladder. The person in the water can easily hold onto these elements or climb up by him/herself.
Alternatively the Jasons's Cradle can be hauled up with the strong salvage ropes of 14mm diameter with the help of a halyard: a tube is developing in which the helpless person is safely brought up into the boat in a horizontal position.

SOLAS certified (IMO MSC 81/70).

Shipping completely with four mounting patches to attach to the rubber floats and a robust packing bag.

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3054-314 2.0053011.80 1990.76  2369.00 
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Water rescue lift JASON'S CRADLE