Hand seawater maker KATADYN SURVIVOR

Watermaker: Compact carryable hand unit for life rafts and
individual emergency and survival equipment.
This equipment is used worldwide as standard gear on many life rafts.
The small unit works on the proven principle of "reverse osmosis":
solute salt and solids are filtered out of the sea water through fine
membranes using high pressure (approx. 60 bar) and washed away.
The pressure is created by hand through a special mechanical process
(Energy Recovery System) in the KATADYN - desalinazer.
Available in two sizes:
type 06 (power approx. 0.9 l/h) and type 035 (approx. 4.5 l/h).

Article-No. model output base size mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3441-006 060,89l/h127x203x641.13 785.71  935.00 
3441-035 0354,5l/h140x559x893.2 1679.83  1999.00 
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