Water rescue lift MOJE M1

A rescue system for the support and rescue of persons over board.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.
This system provides efficient help in protecting persons against drowning and hypthermia.
The inflatable system is stored in an impact resistant, waterproof yellow plastic case (L x W x H: 465 x 350 x 175mm). In case of emergency the system must be thrown to the person drifting in the water.
Two self-supporting outer air chambers inflate automatically. The person in the accident swims between the chambers and manually triggers the inflating of the six support chambers in between, whereby she is put into a safe floating position on the 4 sqm raft and saved from hypothermia of the contact with the water.
With the integrated rescue strap system with ring eyes it can safely lift the casualty in a blood circulation friendly horizontal position on the deck even with high freeboards (with a hoisting device, e.g. attached at the boom).

Appropriate for the use onboard, at coastal structures (e.g. in locks), or with rescue services and fire brigades. The system is also very well suited for ice rescue.
Up to 2400 N buoyancy, carries two adults.
Colour: signal yellow. Weight with case: 9,5 kg.

Available as accessories:
- stainless steel case mount (not included in the standard package),
- a set of aluminium carrying rods, with which the system can be expanded into a rescue stretcher.

Article-No. description model material net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3207-001 M1 MOJEinflatable rescue systemMOJE M1plastic 2167.23  2579.00 
3207-100 stainless steel wall mountwall mountMOJE M1stainless steel 385.71  459.00 
3207-102 set of aluminium carrying rodsset of carrying rodsMOJE M1aluminium 262.19  312.00 
3207-101 display panel DIN A3 aluminiumdisplay panel DIN A3MOJE M1aluminium 39.50  47.00 
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