Forged self locking ´D`shackle WICHARD

WICHARD shackle, made from polished stainless steel. Straight design with captive bolt.
Notches block the bolt against unwanted opening, even with strong vibrations.

The French forge WICHARD stands for the highest quality and safeness now for more than one hundred years. Many adrenaline sport or racing sailors are deeply convinced of the reliability of WICHARD products and have kept developing those in close cooperation wit the the forge for decades.
For the industry all WICHARD shackles are stamped with a Working Load Limit (WLL). This is the maximum in approved working load for the lifting of loads in the commercial sector. Additionally to the breaking load (BRL) WICHARD also states a maximum working load (WL) meaningful in the maritime sector.

Graduated Prices

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Article-No. D mmD1 mmW(B)1 mmH mmBRL daN net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
1528-004 448131000 8.32  9.90 
1528-005 5510161500 9.66  11.50 
1528-006 6612202200 10.84  12.90 
1528-008 8816263600 16.72  19.90 
1528-010 101020335200 27.31  32.50 
1528-012 121224397000 36.89  43.90 
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