DYNEEMA soft shackle Zoom

DYNEEMA soft shackle

Using a combination of modern DYNEEMA rope and old-fashioned rope work ("Fancywork"),
these rope shackles were created to save weight, and are already used on many raceboats.
But these shackles also offer benefits over metal shackles for classic yachts and voyagers:
When attached to halyards and sheets, they reduce the danger of injury and protect the mast finish (for example, on wooden masts).
Under load they pull together reliably and cannot be accidentally opened. When closed under extreme loads, they remain easy to open.

In addition, rope shackles through their flexibility can be used well at inaccessible places.

DYNEEMA soft shackle Zoom
Article-No. D1 mmBRL daNSWL daNnet lenght mm net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
1328-001 4100050070 7.48  8.90 
1328-002 620001000105 8.32  9.90 
1328-114 940002000115 11.68  13.90 
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