Turnbuckles & Deadeyes

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1529*02 Kontermuttern BLUE WAVE Lock nut BLUE WAVE
Flat, metric special nuts with very small outer dimensions, made from stainless steel (1.4401) for use as counter nuts for turnbuckles.
from €1.40
Art.-Nr.: 1529...
1529*03 Wantenspanner BLUE WAVE Turnbuckles BLUE WAVE
High-gloss polished turnbuckle with closed body, made from 1.4401 (AISI316) stainless steel by the Danish manufacturer BLUE WAVE . Design: welded forks on both sides with pins. Metric threads with counter nuts. Further models on request.
from €25.90
Art.-Nr.: 1529...
1566*01 Wantenspanner Edelstahl (Importqualität) Stainless steel turnbuckle (import quality)
Turnbuckle, made from stainless steel (AISI316), electropolished. Metric threads, closed body with counter nuts. Welded forks with split-pin bolt on both ends. Measurement variations are possible.
from €5.90
Art.-Nr.: 1566...
1592_01 Stainless steel slip hook
Strong hook for mounting on turnbuckles. Following the principle of pelican hooks, these lever-like hooks can be loosened and tightened when under the load of a standing wire. Turnbuckle is not supplied.
from €6.80
Art.-Nr.: 1592...
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