Organic hawser Newport renewable!

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Double-braid rope, made from renewable raw materials
with good UV and abrasion resistance,
as well as good breaking resistance and elasticity.
Kink-free and easy to splice.
Color: white, without tracer threads.

Oil is finite; that is known. Most tracer threads of the basic material for the lines
used onboard are still made from oil-based products.
The first builder in the world, FSE ROBLINE, has brought a newly developed rope to the market.
These are not ropes made from plant products.
The base product for these modern lines are plastic threads, which have been made synthetically
from plant lactic acids, so called Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) yarns.
They differ very little optically, in UV stability, in water-, wear-, and breaking-resistance from
ropes made from oil-based chemical threads.
Mostly the raw products for these ropes come from cereal grains (thus its called corn rope in technical jargon).

It is 100% biodegradable in industrial conditions. For this reason, this rope only comes in the color white,
without any colored tracer threads. Thus, no dyestuffs that are difficult to degrade get into the environment.
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    Article-No. D (mm) BRL (daN) Article Price (Running Meter) Delivery Quantity
    1262-716 16 4000 ORGANIC-Festmacher D=16mm FSE-ROBLINE NEWPORT weiß
    Art.Nr.: 1262-716
    D (mm): 16
    BRL (daN): 4000
    netto: €2.94

    In stock.

    netto: €2.94

    In stock.

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