ROBLINE SPUNFLEX rope manilabrown, 110m-spool

An all-purpose rope from SPUNFLEX. Proven for traditional ships and gaff rigs.
Made from decay-resistant polypropylene (PP) - filament coatings made from a very high grade UV stabilizer guarantee long life and strength. This fiber is, in contrast to other hemp-colored synthetics, notably UV-resitant.

A tightly laid 3-strand construction makes this rope easily spliceable and gives it the appearance of Manila help. It is, nevertheless, waterproof, does not harden with use and has little stretch. Thus we recommend it for all uses that demand robust lines, particularly for ropes that are exposed to the sun, for example, halyards, trim lines, sheets and standing docklines.
It is also well suited for boltropes and block-and-tackle systems.

Color: Manila.
Available in 110 meter spools,
Also available loose or in 220 meter cables.

Article-No. D mmBRL daNspool m net EUR / spool gross EUR / spool quantity
1003-106 6550110 50.84  60.50 (0.55/m) 
1003-108 8960110 69.33  82.50 (0.75/m) 
1003-110 101430110 78.57  93.50 (0.85/m) 
1003-112 122030110 115.55  137.50 (1.25/m) 
1003-114 142790110 157.14  187.00 (1.70/m) 
1003-116 163500110 194.12  231.00 (2.10/m) 
1003-118 184500110 226.47  269.50 (2.45/m) 
1003-120 20550110 328.15  390.50 (3.55/m) 
1003-122 226700110 365.13  434.50 (3.95/m) 
1003-124 247500110 411.35  489.50 (4.45/m) 
1003-136 3612600110 693.28  825.00 (7.50/m) 
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