Capacitive sensor for waste tank gauges

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Capacitive sensor for waste tank and black water tank.
For marine gauges which work with a capacitive sensor..

For tanks 150 - 600 mm deep.
Measures the tank without any moving parts.

These sensors can only be used with gauges for capacitive sensors, particularly those made by VDO (VIEWLINE) or Kienzle (KIENZLE CLASSIC).

The gauge must beordered separately (please check "Suitable items").
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    Article-No. Description Model For Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3490-106 Sensor 200-600mm VDO N02.240.902 waste water/black water Kapazitiver Geber 150-600mm Fäkal VDO N02.240/902
    Art.Nr.: 3490-106
    description: Sensor 200-600mm
    model: VDO N02.240.902
    for: waste water/black water
    netto: €242.02

    In stock.

    netto: €242.02

    In stock.

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