Rudder angle feed back unit KOBELT 7174

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Sturdy feedback unit KOBELT 7174, e.g. for the electronic rudder indicators KOBELT 7175 or 7180.
Made of bronze and stainless steel, it will withstand vibration and corrosion for years.

This feedback unit has two microswitches and may be used if a switch function at max. rudder position is required.

The unit also feeds back the rudder angle position to the rudder angle indicator or to the autopilot or Full Follow Up control systems.

Available versions:
7174-AD: 2 microswitches, 1 poti to transmit data to one device (e.g. rudder indicator), to be calibrated with 1 trimpot.
7174-B: 2 microswitches, 2 potis to transmit data to two devices (e.g. rudder indicator and autopilot).

Standard potentiometer is 1 kOhm.
Operating voltage 12 V/24 V.
Weight: 3,4 kg.
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    Article-No. Model Version Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3495-101 KOBELT 7174-AD 1 Potentiometer Ruderlagegeber/2Schalter/1Poti/1Trimmpoti 7174-AD
    Art.Nr.: 3495-101
    version: 1 Potentiometer
    model: KOBELT 7174-AD
    net: €831.93

    In stock.

    net: €831.93

    In stock.

    3495-102 KOBELT 7174-B 2 Potentiometer Ruderlagegeber/2Schalter/2Potis KOBELT 7174-B
    Art.Nr.: 3495-102
    version: 2 Potentiometer
    model: KOBELT 7174-B
    net: €861.34

    In stock.

    net: €861.34

    In stock.

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