Fuel filter MARFILT with demister

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Small fuel filter MARFILT.
Body made from aluminium with a tightly screwable sight glass.
Glass bowl with aluminium cartridge with paper filter, holds min. 12my partcles.
Body with stainless mounting bracket and on each side two in- and outlets with M 14 x 1,5 inner threads - two closed with blind plug.
Bleeder screw.
Glass bowl allows control of water separator, with drain plug.
Filter type MARFILT CAV / PRF 8420/V.
Dimensions 100 x 160 x 95mm, weight 690 g.
Also available (please check "suitable items"):
- Pipe-to hose fittings for 8mm and 10mm fuel hose
- spare filter cartridge 12my, type FN 881.
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    2925-003 MARFILT8420 Dieselfilter/Wasserabscheider 12µ MARFILT PRF8420V
    Art.Nr.: 2925-003
    description: MARFILT8420
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    netto: €67.06

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