Side mount Control CH2850 TELEFLEX/MORSE

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CH2800 Sturdy single lever side mount control, for single engine.
Designed for steering pedestal or cockpit wall mounting.
Polished stainless steel lever.
Designed for type 33C push-pull cables. Features:
* Stainless Steel lever
* Suitable for powerboat or sailboat
* Can be mounted with or withoutchrome coloured plastic cover plate
* Drop in replacement for popular 700 SS control
* Standard control suits 33C type cables
* Neutral "warm up" button for throttle only operation

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    4200-285 CH-2850 CH-2850 Seitenschaltung TELEFLEX/MORSE m.A4-Hebel
    Art.Nr.: 4200-285
    model: CH-2850
    netto: €167.22

    In stock.

    netto: €167.22

    In stock.

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