Tried and tested patented tool for small sewing, upholstery and repair work, even with thick leather and heavy sailcloth.
The SPEEDY STITCHER sews with under and top threads. Thus this tool is intended for the repair of Dacron sails, because the awl stitch is exactly like the relaxed straight stitch on a sewing machine.
Under and top threads come from a single spool, which can be found on the wooden haft of the awl.
The hand sewing machine comes with two needles, a small spool of waxed thread (approx. 20 m) and an illustrated brochure.
Length of the awl with needle is 155 mm.
We recommend also the matching sewing and rigging yarns.

Article-No. version L mm net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
2020-000 sewing awl SPEEDY with 2 needles and yarn155 19.24  22.90 
2020-100 needle straight--- 5.46  6.50 
2020-101 needle bended--- 5.46  6.50 
2020-102 needle small, straight--- 5.46  6.50 
2020-202 spool for yarn (empty)--- 5.59  6.65 
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