LeFANT TF antifouling

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Thin-film antifouling, biocide-free, for fresh and brackish water, in a solvent base. Developed by the two Swedish inventors of the well-known VC antifouling Viljam Dunder and Christian Bigner.
LeFant SPF TF is free of copper, silicon, PTFE (Teflon) and other fluorinated chemicals. Its agency is twofold physical:
1. Bacteria are the protein containing nutrition for other water organisms. A so called catalytic factor operates against an accumulation of bacteria on the hull without changing over time. As a result no barnacles or muscles settle on the hull, since the necessary "protein signal" is missing.
2. A touch-sensitive, soft surface is formed in the water. This constitutes an unsafe substrate for the water organisms, causing barnacles, muscles, sea weed and other organisms not to settle there.

Additionally the product possesses a hydro viscose effect, with the results of optimal gliding properties like water on water.
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    netto: €31.52 Content: 0.75 l   ( €48.75 * / 1 l )

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