Fluid Film DANGER

FLUID-FILM lanolin spray

Made from natural Lanolin, FLUID FILM seals all metal surfaces against water and air.
This grease permeates rust and results in exceptionally long lasting corrosion protection.
FLUID FILM contains no solvent, is environmentally friendly and easy to work with.
Type LIQUID A: oil for rust removal and conservation of difficult to access areas.
Available as a spray or in a bottle or canister (for dipping, spraying or painting).

Article-No. model packaging net EUR / can gross EUR / can quantity
2717-400 LIQUID AS-R400ml-spray 12.56  14.95 (37.38/l) 
2717-001 LIQUID A 1l-tin 20.92  24.90 (24.90/l) 
2717-005 LIQUID A 5l-can 83.19  99.00 (19.80/l) 
2717-020 LIQUID A 20l-bucket 201.68  240.00 (12.00/l) 
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net: before tax, gross: include value-added tax (VAT)

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