Set ALTITUDE 880 with three instruments

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The ALTITUDE 880 series of large nautical instruments made from brass with polished surfaces. Unadorned, decorative instruments, that give a prestigious impression even in large rooms.
A Quartz clock with Roman dial, a single aneroid barometer and a beautiful comfort meter (combination thermometer / hygrometer) round out the set.
Encased in a highly polished brass housing, the instruments have to be taken off the wall for battery change or dial hand adjustments.
D1 x H: 224 x 50 mm,
D2: 158 mm.
Weight: 280 g each.
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    Article-No. Description Model D1 (mm) H (mm) D2 (mm) Article Price (Set) Delivery Quantity
    3464-311 set of 3 instruments ALTITUDE 880 224 50 158 Ms-Serie ALTITUDE 880: Instrumente mit 10%Rabatt:
    Art.Nr.: 3464-311
    H (mm): 50
    D2 (mm): 158
    description: set of 3 instruments
    D1 (mm): 224
    model: ALTITUDE 880
    netto: €357.73

    In stock.

    netto: €357.73

    In stock.