A compact barograph with USB and NMEA-data output designed for the use on sport vessels.
The barograph is resistant to shock or ship movements.
The display with backlight in two stages can be operated and calibrated easily through a switch.

The LCD on the barograph provides the following information:
- 48 hour pressure curve,
- current air pressure and tendency (1 h/ 3h),
- the time,
- the power supply of onboard battery system.

Air pressure units are hectopascals or Hg (USA).

The power supply for this instrument can be between 9 and 35 volts DC.
Switched off, this instrument continues to store the pressure data up to 12 month using the internal batteries.
The internal memory (256 KBits) can store pressure data of the last 28 days, with a time resolution of 5 minutes. The temperature is also recorded.
The battery for switch-off operations is changeable (2 common mignon AA UM3 cells).

Air pressure range: 900 - 1080 hPa,
resolution: 0,1 hPa,
power supply: 9 - 35 V DC,
current consumption: 10 mA (backlight switched off),
data outputs: USB (front), NMEA compatible 4800 Baud (backside)

Body colour: black
Display available: white, blue or green.

Dimensions: L x H X D 155 x 92 x 65 mm.
The barograph can be fully calibrated.

If you would like to use this barograph at home on a desk top, or, there is not enough depth for installation on your vessel, then we can supply wooden boxes to house your instrument.

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4426-001 BOHLKEN BG 1512 white1559265 323.53  385.00 
4426-002 BOHLKEN BG 1512blue1559265 323.53  385.00 
4426-003 BOHLKEN BG 1512green1559265 323.53  385.00 
4426-101 teak case---1579570 41.18  49.00 
4426-102 mahogany case varnished---1579570 41.18  49.00 
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